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Contact Incubation

CIT Incubation TechnologySince initial field trials in 2000 Brinsea’s patented Contact Incubation Technology has established itself as a real step forward in incubation.

Eggs are warmed by contact with an artificial skin, rather than being surrounded by warm air, and the result is much stronger and faster development of the embryo in early stages of incubation. Many breeders of exotic, rare and valuable species across the world have switched to CIT.


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Egg Turning
Egg Capacity

  • Patented Contact Incubation Technology
No compromise laboratory grade egg incubators
for the most demanding applications


This 3rd generation contact incubator provides optimum conditions for the full incubation period with improved control and reliability.


Leading raptor breeders have used Brinsea’s contact incubators like the X8 and Z6 for the initial 10 days of incubation with excellent results before moving eggs to conventional forced air incubators. The new Z7 Raptor provides optimum conditions for the full incubation period with improved control and reliability.

'Brinsea’s Contact Incubators have been my choice for breeding falcons for many years and the Z7 represents a significant step forward in this technology'.Martyn Paterson, Senior Aviculturalist and Falcon breeder 

Key features

  • Patented Contact Incubation Technology
  • Precise temperature control with predictive temperature stability system incorporating active temperature overshoot elimination
  • High accuracy calibrating thermometer to verify control system accuracy
  • Contact thermometer to independently show actual egg surface temperature
  • High and low temperature alarms
  • Power failure alarm with battery backup and status display
  • Robust programmable rack and pinion turning with optical turn counter and independent alarm for complete confidence that eggs have turned overnight
  • Comprehensive set of rollers to suit all egg types
  • Fully stainless-steel construction for longevity and ease of cleaning
  • Stackable, front loading space efficient design
  • 3 year warranty


Contact thermometer
to show actual egg surface temperature
Air Filter and Contact 'Skin'


  • External dimensions: 33cm x 66cm x 59cm (13" x 26" x 231/4" ) – H x W x D
  • Weight: Z7 39Kg (86Lbs)  K7 42Kg (92Lbs)
  • Power consumption: 110W max and 60W nominal operating
  • Input voltage: 115v AC

Examples of typical maximum egg capacities:

  • Z7: Quail 88, Partridge 63, Pheasant 48, Hen/Falcon/Saker 42, Duck/Turkey 20, Emu/Rhea 8, Ostrich 4

The best solution to every stage of incubation - No compromise