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Octagon 20 ECO Autoturn cradle

Item Number:   USAD20C
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Product Information

Automatic egg turner option for the Octagon 20 ECO incubator.

Description & Specs


This automatic egg turning cradle is NOT compatible with the Octagon 10 or the older Octagon 20 DX incubator models.

Egg turning with the Octagon 20 Eco incubator is achieved by rotating the whole cabinet through 90° (45° on either side on an hourly cycle).

The separate egg turner cradle keeps all moving parts outside the incubator away from moisture and dust, leaving the enclosure easier to clean.

It also means that there is nothing to trap or injure emerging chicks if you forget to stop the turning.

The incubator lifts easily out of the autoturn cradle, allowing it to stand horizontal for hatching.

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