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Long link for Motorized Cradle End

Item Number:   23.06
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Product Information

Long Link for Octagon Motorized Cradle End


Turning Cradle Long Link for Octagon 10, 20 and 40 Motorized Cradle End. 

We do not accept returns of spare parts. Please ensure you order the correct part. If in doubt please contact us by phone.

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Octagon 10/20/40 Incubators Turning Cradle Motor
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A - All you need is in our Incubation Handbook, which is free to download.

Q - How do I prepare my incubator for hatching?

A - Please refer to Pre-season checks for your incubator, a comprehensive guide to preparing your incubator for hatching.

Q - How long can eggs be stored?

A - Most species may be safely stored for up to 10 days before serious reductions in hatch rates are likely but it is always best to set fertile eggs in an incubator within 24-48 hours of obtaining them. Daily turning of stored eggs also helps maintain hatchability. Store eggs in cool, damp conditions.
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